Born in Libya Raja Najat Ibrahim Rayes, lives in Italy for the past 30 years. First models wearing her designs walked the runway all the way back in 2010. Inspired by her native roots, early life’s mesmerizing surroundings such as art, antiques and beautiful carpets that her father made, she launched the company 'Rujji' in 2013

Bright colours, silver-thread cotton, loom-made silk and embroidery are the key to Rujji’s charm, and its main ingredients are fabrics that are produced on the domestic market, directly from Tripoli. She uses traditional materials like patterned cotton, silk and silver but she mixes old and new merging her country’s past and present.

Most of the materials are custom made since Raja often gets ideas for fabric that are completely out of use, or on the opposite totally new, so one cannot get them pre-made. It may seem like unimportant information, where do those fabrics come from, but only to those who are not familiar with the history of Libya. Culture from Tripoli, as well as all other form of expression, was long being censored by the current government at that point in the past, so people fought for the freedom of choice within their own field of work, interest and life in general.

Today, Raja’s Rujji Desing is a more than a fashion label - it is a brand that represents that long suppressed culture being free now, proudly showing to the world the essence of Libyan history

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